Welcome to the collaborative research space for Prof. Skwiot's History 3000 class. Since everyone is working on a paper about the Haitian Revolution, students, Prof. Skwiot, and John Russell (the librarian) can work together in this space in order to recommend resources to each other.


There are five pages where people can put stuff:


BOOKS YOU HAVE - since a number of people are competing for limited resources, list what books you have here to help out others in the class

ProjectList - list your project here so everyone knows what you are working on

PrimarySources - note any useful primary source collections/documents that you find (print or online), or note any useful resources that helped you find primary sources (databases, bibliographies, an article, whatever)

SecondarySources - use this page to refer to any articles, books, databases, or websites that you found particularly helpful

CommentsorProblems - chances are if you are having trouble with something, there is someone else in the class with a similar problem, so place any comments or problems on this page for everyone's benefit



Here are resources to help you use this wiki: