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I found this really interesting article that discusses the race relations throughout the Revolution. Don't know what good it'll do for anyone, but I thought it was rather interesting.




Dear Folks, This is an amazing website with and with links to a host of primary and secondary sources. Check it out! Dr Skwiot


John Garrigus posts some of his articles to his website, so if you are having trouble locating an article by him, it is worth looking to see if he's made it available online (and hats off to him for doing so!):


VOODOO: L. Hurbon, Voodoo: Search for the Spirit (1995) covers Voodoo past and present and includes some historical documents. Available via GIL Express. We also have Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou, which includes an essay by Sidney Mintz and Michel-Rolph Trouillot on the social history of vodou in Haiti.

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